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[EN] Skype Advertise

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Dear players, we will be immensely grateful if you participate in the advertising of our project for what would thank you. Our goal is to notify as many players as possible about the opening of our server.

You are required to:

1. Set the mood in Skype - "I'm playing at http://renewal.fun "
2. Create a conference (the minimum number of participants is 30) and share the following message:
'' Dear friends, we invite everyone to the opening of the
Renewal x1000, which will be held on 19 July at 20:00 http://renewal.fun.
You are waiting for a lot of new events, fully working balance of characters, a huge number of new items and skins, new maps, the extraction of currency by the game way and responsive administration! Join us, we are waiting! ''

After you have done all that is mentioned above:

Then leave a comment in this thread with the following content:

1. Status screenshot
2. Screenshot of the conference and message text
3. Nickname your character.

4.Screenshot that you are the administrator of the created conference.

You can fill in the screenshots for any services known to you such as http://prnt.sc/ http://imgur.com/ etc.


Conferences from 50 people = 2 days VIP.

Conferences from 100 people = 4 days VIP.

Conference from 200 people = 7 days VIP.

The reward will be issued after 3 days opened!

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